European Heritage Label Network

EHL Network

In 2013 the EU Commission started the European Heritage Label (EHL) as an initiative of several national governments to improve the knowledge of European history and the role and values of the EU. The purpose of the European Heritage Label (EHL) is to emphasis a common European history, to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the Union among all European citizens, turning previous borders into bridges. In addition, taking advantage of the diversity that characterizes European culture, to stimulate intercultural dialogue and to still create a sense of being part of a united Europe. To achieve the mentioned goals, the EHL Network was created and approved by the European Commission in 2019.

Europe’s Cultural Heritage

The EU Commission understood Europe’s cultural heritage as a shared source of remembrance, understanding, identity, dialogue, cohesion, and creativity. Therefore, a broad spectrum of resources, …

Dohány Street Synagogue Complex

Sighet Memorial

European Heritage Label

This action started in 2013. Since than sites have been selected for their symbolic value, the role they have played in European history and activities they offer. The purpose is bringing together the European Union and its citizens. These sites selected by another criteria as the World Heritage sites.

European Heritage sites focus on the promotion of the symbolic European values and the significant role these sites have played in the history and culture of Europe. They also offer valuable educational activities, especially for young people.

EHL Network

Since the first awards the EHL sites are acting as an informal network by collaborating on specific topics and matters. However, we as EHL sites are convinced that we need a common structure which represents us. We are very diverse in organisational capacity, financial power and even size. For a sustainable future we like to make sure that the bigger sites are not able to dominate the smaller sites. These are the reasons to establish our Association of EHL sites.

Olomouc Premyslid Castle and Archdiocesan Museum