European Heritage Label Network

by Martynas Plepys

House of businessman Jonas Lapėnas

The project “Kaunas in 1919–1940” in 2015 has received the European Heritage Label, which proves the importance of the phenomenon of temporary capitals in Europe. 44 buildings of Kaunas modernism architecture were used to represent the European Heritage Label. One of these building is house of J. Lapėnas, which was built in 1932 (architect F. Vizbaras) and was named one of first Kaunas city center “skyscrapers”. As the architect critic Ž. Rinkšelis, one of the authors of the project, "Modernism for the Future" presents ,,The house was distinguished by luxury, created by quality finishing materials and quality of work. The legend of the house is still alive today – so far, local Kaunas people still call this house in the name of Lapėnas. (source ). In this photo, the stairs - terrazzo - are arranged along the symmetrical axis of the house with metal bar fences and wooden armrests.
EHL site: Kaunas of 1919-1940