European Heritage Label Network

by Arjan de Jager

Illuminated Peace Palace

The Peace Palace is the seat of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the United Nations International Court of Justice, the Hague Academy of International Law, the Peace Palace Library and the Carnegie Foundation. In addition, the palace also regularly hosts various events in the field of international law and politics. The aim of these organizations is to find a peaceful solution to disputes between countries.Once a year, usually around the turn of the year, the Peace Palace is extra beautifully lit both outside and inside and transforms The Hagues most photographed building into a fairytale and enchanting place. The photo shows the impressive reception hall of the palace.For me personally, the Peace Palace is of great value. Not only is it photographically a special and interesting place to which I regularly return, but above all it is the symbol of the city as an international city of peace and justice. Partly - or perhaps especially - thanks to the Peace Palace, thousands of people work in the city working on innovations to create a better, safer and fairer world.
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