European Heritage Label Network

by Martynas Plepys

Kaunas city center crown

The project “Kaunas in 1919–1940” in 2015 has received the European Heritage Label, which proves the importance of the phenomenon of temporary capitals in Europe. 44 buildings of Kaunas modernism architecture were used to represent the European Heritage Label. One of these buildings is Christ’s Resurrection Church, which was built in 1940 (architect K. Reisonas). As architectural critic dr. V. Petrulis resumes the importance of this building ,,Due to its scope, urban situation and political importance, the church is definitely the most significant example of sacred architecture of the interwar Lithuania. A moderate building, not overloaded with details, flat-roofed and modern-structured, features the intertwining international ideas of modernism and the interpretations of local forms. One of the key aesthetical solutions - a dense rhythm of vertical lines - is an obvious characteristic feature of a number of public objects of the interwar period in Kaunas.“ (source )This sacral symbol is not only the tallest but also one of the most important buildings in Kaunas, visible from all surroundings.
EHL site: Kaunas of 1919-1940