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Le bois du casier ©Justine Colombana

My name has crossed the continents, I am located in Marcinelle in Belgium and I am a Unesco World Heritage Site.But who am I? I am « le bois du casier », it is here that the coal industry has developed, I have welcomed and fed many families who came mainly from Italy to work in my site .I was an important mining industry in the province of Hainaut, but on 8 august 1956, a day which could seem like any other, a catastrophe occurred on my site, I knew in this day a tragic and brutal end. Indeed these behind these bars that many wives and mothers of miners collapsed in tears when they learned the death of their husbands and their sons, it was an event that marked the consciences. My site was closed and abandoned in 1967, then the Walloon region decided to restore me with structural funds from the European Union. In 2002 I was opened to the general public as a place of memory, but also as a museum . In order not to forget me, my history has been passed on from generation to generation in Italian families and Europe made me one of the Unesco world heritage sites.
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