European Heritage Label Network

by Martynas Plepys

Research laboratory

The project “Kaunas in 1919–1940” in 2015 has received the European Heritage Label, which proves the importance of the phenomenon of temporary capitals in Europe. 44 buildings of Kaunas modernism architecture were used to represent the European Heritage Label. One of these building is Research laboratory, which was built in 1935 (architect V. Landsbergis). ,,lab was intended for research on military industry raw materials and products. The building thoroughly reflects the canons of international functionalist architecture. Architectural solutions – a free plan not constrained by load-bearing walls, continuous sash windows, a flat roof – were all dictated by the construction project of a monolithic reinforced concrete carcass, rarely used in Lithuania.“ (Source This photograph captures how the library of chemical publications of the Research Laboratory, still preserved its authentic fittings in a unique environment.
EHL site: Kaunas of 1919-1940