European Heritage Label Network

by Weronika Gajek


Image of Young people standing where the act of the Union of Lublin was signed represents historical meaning of this place and symbolises the continuation of its mission, which is spreading values like cooperation, friendship and respect for other cultures.Human figures are blurred in order to give this scene spiritual vibe and to make it less realistic for more universal meaning. Resemblance of ghosts in those figures is a reference to people from the past who shaped the future of two united nations. The fact that people on the photo are young represents hope that future generations will continue their legacy. Dominican monastery in Lublin as one of three objects included in the European Heritage Label list is up to this day a unique place that cultivates this values. Its here where events like ,,debates of two pulpits take place . They are aimed at finding common points between various religions. Such as concerts of various cultures, including Jewish music and baroque English music. The monks also organize meetings for young people called youth civic academy, shaping the attitudes of conscious civil society, activating young people to participate in political life of their country. The photos can be read separately or as a single story.On the first photograph the figures are in the room where the act of the Union of Lublin was signed. Most of them are blurry, but we can see one of them clearly. This figure evokes the ghosts of the past of this place.
EHL site: Union of Lublin