European Heritage Label Network

by Alexandra Casimiro

The Book as a Window to the past

In Barcelona at 2018, the General Archive of the Crown of Aragon housed the interesting, historical and cultural exhibition “SIETE SIGLOS 1318-2018”. In this exhibition, the book “MEMORIAL DEL QVES HA DE ADVER” caught my eye and attention. This memorial is the first volume of the general inventory of the Archive of the Crown of Aragon. Written between 1584 and 1590, it was ordered by King Philip I (II of Castile) for the purposes of documentary searches until well into the 19th century. It is attributed to the notary of Barcelona, Bernardo Macip, that supported a greater knowledge of this time. The old books are a link that allow us to know how we lived and thought in other epochs, and one of the ways of connecting and preserving knowledge between the past and the present.
EHL site: Archive of the Crown of Aragon, Barcelona