European Heritage Label Network

Our Objectives

to develop an appropriate framework/network structure, establish mission statement and ensure sustainability

to strengthen the existing EHL brand through activities and cooperation of all sites, using common Corporate Design and utilise the label brand

to develop and maintain an engaging multilingual website for the general public presenting the EHL network, the EHL sites and their (joint) activities

to disseminate, communicate and market the network project as well as the network and its members as such – by creating and initiating models, tools and means to improve the visibility of each site and the future of the entire network

develop and maintain a support website for EHL network and sites, containing information about cooperation, education, exchange programmes and joint activities as well as funding opportunities and possibilities

to strengthen co-operation between EHL sites, through organisation of common conferences and events for all, creation of web tools for exchange of best practice, project ideas and training offers, as well as offline contacts a.s.o.

to support sites in order to meet the requirements of monitoring procedure of EU Commission for keeping the label (every five years) as well as the application of new members

to identify and promote the key values common to the EHL sites as well as Europe as a whole, being universally valid for all citizens of the European Union and the sound base of a truly united Europe

to support EHL sites in developing individual and/or joint project ideas accompanying the network activities and enhance the cooperation of sites