Congratulations, here are the winner of the €500 Prize in our EHL@N Photo Competition! These photo entries (see below) received the most votes, the most of any entrant, and has been crowned the winners!

  • Category above 30: Capelinhos Volcanic Complex; EHL site: Underwater Cultural Heritage of the Azores, Portugal; Submitter: Paulo Martins, PT
  • Category below 30: The postcard from Lublin: EHL site: Union of Lublin: Submitter: Natalia Ogloszka, PL
  • Jury Award above 30: Stormy Days at Sagres Promontory; EHL site: Sagres Promontory, Portugal; Submitter: Vanda Rita, PT
  • Jury Award below 30: New Life at the Historical Heart; EHL site: Gdansk Shipyard, Poland; Submitter: Jan Rusek, PL

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! Stay tuned for our next contest!