The award process of the EHL label is also based on the site’s representation of European Values. However, at this moment the representation is not sufficiently visible for wider audiences. That is why one major task of the EHL@N project is to sharpen the representation of European Values by EHL sites. 

In the course of the Project Workgroup “European Values & EHL sites – Storytelling & Spirit of Place” the consortium developed a narrative for each partner EHL site. By organising a number of Value Workshops, the partners identified their representative European Value. Moreover, each site had the task to compose a Value Story by applying the method of “Storytelling”. 

The site’s Value Stories are based on a tool called “Spirit of Place”. This is a tool applied by the National Trust UK, helping sites to define and create a USP (unique selling proposition) for themselves, by eliciting the major values and aspects of the site or “place”. By integrating visitors’ experiences as well as all other important facets in order to define the valid “special-ness” of a place or site, the communicated message of a place or site is sharpened and formulated in a very effective way. Sites can attract new audiences, transmit clearer messages and this way develop a new and enhanced “profile”, which supports their image as an important place of European history.

During the process of this Workgroup, the consortium applied this tool and identified each partner site with one of the following European values:

  • Freedom
  • Democracy
  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
  • Solidarity
  • Tolerance
Learn more about each site’s representative European Value and view their Value Story by clicking the pictures below!